Tradition Innovation Passion


“The history of Poldo and Gianna Osteria starts in the 90s with my grandparents. The memory of nonna Gianna in the kitchen and nonno Poldo greeting customers is still alive. Today my father Nicola and I carry on the tradition. In January 2016 we opened the doors of “Poldo e Gianna Osteria” right in the heart of Rome, in a romantic alley full of history, just a few steps from the Italian Parliament.”

Leopoldo Scarnecchia


The restaurant is located in vicolo Rosini, that connects Via dei Prefetti with Via di Campo Marzio and Piazza del Parlamento.

The Campo Marzio district is located in the heart of the historic center of Rome and is characterized by its elegant boutiques and high fashion shops. The restaurant is also within a stone’s throw from the Pantheon and the main shopping streets and offers outdoor seating for “al fresco” dining.


Our menu is rooted in traditional Roman cooking and is based on a careful selection of the best local ingredients. In recreating those simple and authentic flavors, we also avail ourselves of more modern techniques such as low-temperature cooking or sous vide. These techniques allow us to maintain the integrity of the ingredients and guarantee maximum taste.

We only use small local suppliers and the restaurant notoriously does not have a freezer, as we serve fresh products every day.

wine cellar

The restaurant is equipped with a wine cellar and our wine list is in constant evolution. To date, it counts on over 100 references personally hand-picked by Leopoldo.

We offer exclusively Italian wine and native grapes selected by region; you will hardly find wine from different regions with the same blend. International blends are chosen only for those Italian regions where they have found their maximum expression.

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